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Chazore said:
Next gen and the one after that are impossible to tell, I still don't know why you're going with the PSP numbers despite it's few successors flopping, Nintendo could say the same about Wii numbers but really they are just numbers and the console is now in the past and isn't supported anymore, just like the PSP is.

The thread is giving me deja vu where no one but Sony can do a ball park hitter, the Vita is just a minor tiny little speck of a setback while the competition apparently has no chance against all odds and mobiles are coming to claim all 7 billion of us and that there will be no market, so what if the handheld market is shrinking, at least Nintendo is still in the game and supporting it, it's not like mobiles are suddenly going to kill off all the hardcore handheld gamers, there's always going to be a market for someone, not take mobile or quit handheld gaming forever like some people are making it out to be.



I can see future home consoles outselling the PSP, because anything can happen, but i don't expect handhelds to reach 80M or wherever the PSP is at right now due to the rise in mobile gaming, but i reckon future handhelds will probably be around where the 3DS is right now, plus better marketing and no gimmicks.


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