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Kerotan said:
kowenicki said:
Kerotan said:
kowenicki said:

That wouldn't be AC.   Better graphics in a much smaller world makes an open world game better?

I didn't just mean graphics.  Play the first few chapters of the order where you make your way through London and that's what assassin's creed should aim for in terms of atmosphere.  

Neither did I.

Apples and oranges.  Its an open world game.  You cant create that kind of atmosphere in an open world game and it isnt what an open world game is about.



Actually you can. Doesn't mean they will. The things I'd like them to improve can be added to open world games. 

To build an atmosphere you need a scripted scene, mood music and a known outcome.

If you are trying to build atmosphere and I suddenly run down a different road into a field, then start to climb a buidling for no particular reason then the atmosphere is instantly killed.

If you are saying you want a hybrid game of open world and scome scripted on-rails elements then fine, but thats a different genre.

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