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I am just glad Sony had the ballz to make this game. If they had listened to the gaming media the Order would have been a AC clone. 3 chapter complete on the 4th and it is something else. Unique. The gaming industry dies when a small segament of the consumers dictate to the rest how their games should be played.

Exactly.  Walking through London in the order makes me sad that assassin's creed cities could be like this.  The atmosphere and the graphics are exceptional.  Game was only 30 gigs so if they can expand their team and resources a sick content heavy sequel could be in "order"  

Isn't this a tad naive?

It wouldnt be even remotely possible on a game of the scale of AC.  Obviously.

There are very good reasons why the order is able to be a very good tech showcase. 

I know all that. assassin's creed would be better off making the world smaller and the game better.  

That wouldn't be AC.   Better graphics in a much smaller world makes an open world game better?

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