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tokilamockingbrd said:
Eddie_Raja said:

lol allowing for a 75 meta is very nice of me in my opinion.  The fact is there isn't one game below that meta that I like (And I don't always check before).  

P.S. I think Dying light is garbage.

why because it has a low meta? self fullfilling prophecy type thing?

What specifically made you think Dying Light is garbage, my main issue was I get nausea playing it because of all the parkour.... still fun as hell just need to take breaks every few hours.

No because it is another generic zombie game.  Yeah it has parcour and such, but I would take State of Decay over it any day.  Let's not even bring up the last of us (Although I don't really think of it as a zombie game).

Other people have done zombies to death, and done them well.  Not to mention the BUGS!!!!  I am done with games that don't work.

Prediction for console Lifetime sales:

Wii:100-120 million, PS3:80-110 million, 360:70-100 million

[Prediction Made 11/5/2009]

3DS: 65m, PSV: 22m, Wii U: 18-22m, PS4: 80-120m, X1: 35-55m

I gauruntee the PS5 comes out after only 5-6 years after the launch of the PS4.

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