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tokilamockingbrd said:
Eddie_Raja said:
Yep, unless it gets under a 75 on meta.

Really? You are that tied to other people's opinions? If you like other people opinions this should keep you warm until thursday(when review embargo lifts).



If you look towards the end of the thread there are quite a few impressions from real people who recieved the game already.


Also why 75 meta? Dying Light is 73 and the game is fantastic. I hope you are at least flexible on that. A 75 this gen is like a 85 or so last gen (reviewers are being much harsh)

lol allowing for a 75 meta is very nice of me in my opinion.  The fact is there isn't one game below that meta that I like (And I don't always check before).  

P.S. I think Dying light is garbage.

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