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small44 said:
teigaga said:
Isn't Hatsume Miku also just a dance game? Given the game is also coming with a limited edition Vita and a Persona 5 bluray disc I think it will definitely move systems. 

Also I never said japan will give it 2m, I said japan and asia (including china launch), will garuntee 2m in response to the 2:1 ratio Ryng Tolu expects WIi U to outsell Vita. Wii U will have to sell a above 4m this year for it to achieve that.

Chinese market is dominated by mmo games does Vita have any of them,Most of vita games are niche games i t won't help vita in China too.

I can't see more then 500k for the first year in China

The chinese mobile market is dominated by MMOs? I don't have much grasp of the chinese market, but what actual evidence do we have in order to gauge the potential for dedicated hanhelds over there? Genuine question.

Otherwise your statement is like saying, the west market is dominated by AAA FPS and Western RPGS. What chance does the 3DS have over here. 

500k is quite a lot btw lol (given Vita's sales).