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tbone51 said:
teigaga said:

Isn't Hatsume Miku also just a dance game? Given the game is also coming with a limited edition Vita and a Persona 5 bluray disc I think it will definitely move systems. 

Also I never said japan will give it 2m, I said japan and asia (including china launch), will garuntee 2m in response to the 2:1 ratio Ryng Tolu expects WIi U to outsell Vita. Wii U will have to sell a above 4m this year for it to achieve that.

If vita sells 700k-900k (its #1 region) in japan,  you thinkthe remainder 1.1mil-1.3mil are going to come from china+the other asian countries? O.o I be surprised if NoA+Europe hits 2mil with japan this year. (if no price cut of course)

lool, no WW. I'm saying the asain countries garuntee it won't fall below that.