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teigaga said:
tbone51 said:

Nope, it wont get close to 2mil. In japan the sales were both 1.1mil in 2013+2014, the games you mentioned wont push vita passed 1mil this year (Saga+Digimon are the only real system sellers i see as of now) in japan. 2013 had Price Cut with huge games (for the system) and 2014 started really strong, but fell apart during Q4.

Vita will do 700k-900k this year (japan). PS4 will hurt sales overall especially with all the big games coming in for it. As for the games you mentioned...

SAO: Already had one

Persona: Just a dancing game

GE: Ok this will give a nice boost but nothing compared to GE first release which had vita tv launch+holiday boost beside it.

One Piece: Its on PS4/PS3

Digimon: Could push the system, but im not that confident (i just hope the game does well tbh)

Star Ocean: No Comment

Saga: This will push systems, guaranteed

Toukiden: Already had 2 games released.

Isn't Hatsume Miku also just a dance game? Given the game is also coming with a limited edition Vita and a Persona 5 bluray disc I think it will definitely move systems. 

Also I never said japan will give it 2m, I said japan and asia (including china launch), will garuntee 2m in response to the 2:1 ratio Ryng Tolu expects WIi U to outsell Vita. Wii U will have to sell a above 4m this year for it to achieve that.

Chinese market is dominated by mmo games does Vita have any of them,Most of vita games are niche games i t won't help vita in China too.

I can't see more then 500k for the first year in China

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m