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small44 said:
teigaga said:
The Vita only needs Japan and the rest of the world to outsell the Wii U. Also sony support is not as important as third parties and they seem on side with Vita.

I think Wii U will overtake vita this holiday, but Vita will return to the top in the longrun because Japan.

Wii u outsold psv in Holiday 2014 and now in January i don't see how vita will start to outsell it.

Third party are not in any side ,release some port and niche games won't help vita much

In Japan they're definitely on the Vita's side and they're the sole reason its selling at this point. Also the reason why I expect Vita to win in the longrun is because the Japanese devs are giving it consistent support and there is no signs of that changing, with further price cuts along the way and another hardware revision likely I think the Vita will continue selling in the distant future at a similar rate to which it is now. Japanese devs won't be in a hurry to abondon a capable handheld wiith a fair install base, I think we'll see a repeat of the PSPs long legs. The Wii U however is entirely dependent on Ninendo's support, I don't see that exisiting past 2016