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uran10 said:
bananaking21 said:

you cant blame a failed business on the CONSUMER. i failed business is blamed on the COMPANY ITSELF. blaming it on the consumer is fucking ridiculous. its nintendos fault and nintendos fault only

Can you explain to me how thrid part games failing on nintendo platforms is nintendo's fault? Last I checked the company responsible for the game is the third party and if they don't advertize it and it flops its suddenly nintendo's fault? You guys sure are funny.

the reason these games floped were because consumers could get them on other consoles (at the time the PS3 and 360) and the WiiU version had no advantages.

the reality is, third parties showed some support for the WiiU at the start. but nintendos failure to attract consumers or give consumers a reason to play on their console was the reason its nintendos fault. now, is the sole reason why third party games on the wiiu failed on nintendo? no, third parties have blame as well. but not nearly as much as nintendo. because its nintendos responsibility to create an audince on their console. and that audince was clearly not there for third parties to sell too.