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champybh said:
seinsmeld said:
nintendo wants to be a kiddy system. no voice chat during games bc ur afraid of a kid being kidnapped. total bs. there online although improved is still a joke. they dont make similar games that 3rd parties do and teens will not buy a wiiu as there main system. being underpwered doesnt help either. no sports games. nintendo has to change there image. devils third and bayonetta r enough to change the image.

Funny thing is, I personally know way more "kids" that want nothing to do with Nintendo and only want to play Xbox/PS shooters all day. Meanwhile... I'm in the 30+yr old demographic and all of my friends play Nintendo consoles more than anything else. Nostalgia is a powerful thing! While many of the games are certainly more colorful, N keeps pulling me back because more frequently the games offer something new game play wise

People play nintendo because of quality, not nostalgia.