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routsounmanman said:
As a customer, I have no obligation to third paries, Nintendo, or otherwise. I'll buy games like Watch Dogs when I want, not after 6 whole months, and with a inferior experience to boot.

I design website templates and sell them online. If I want many sales, I have to work my ass off to achieve it. I have to make my customer base really WANT my product. I have only myself to blame if things go bad.

Seriously, this industry is like it's being run by 5 year olds...

Watch Dogs would've sold like crap on Wii U even if it was released day and date with the other versions. 

Assassin's Creed and COD: Ghosts were day and date with other versions and they bombed too. 

The audience for these games left Nintendo a long time ago, like long before the Wii U and has been raised on Playstation or XBox brands. They're not going to play these games on Nintendo consoles. 

And as for ports of games that are 6 months late ... how about a console that's 6-7 years late? For people who own a PS3 or 360 (180 million of them) there's nothing impressive about the Wii U from a hardware POV. It's Nintendo just now catching up to PS3/360 style HD hardware with a so-so online infastructure, but it's all a big "so what?" to many gamers.