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thom said:
Nem said:

You are confusing marketing with advertisement. Its a common mistake people make.

Marketing is the umbrela that determines wich product you are gonna place where and how. It includes sales and product development within it, aswell as advertisement. Though the product development itself takes place before you decide where you will place it. Its also possible for it to be backwards, if you spot an unfulfilled desire that is a business opportunity, you may want to turn your product development into it.

Lol I work for an agency, I'm pretty sure I know the difference between marketing and advertising.

A business does not turn to their marketing department to determine what games to develop next.  Sorry, it just doesn't work like that.  Their R&D team is going to handle that.

You are mixing what a marketing department does in a specific company with the concept of marketing. I have a degree on this.

Besides, thats not what i said. I said both are possible. I assume that what you are talking about are companies with clear defined segments they work in. How else would R&D know what to work on? Make fridges or make match sticks? The definition of that segment is marketing on the strategic level. Your common marketing department works on it in a tactical level.