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jonathanalis said:
i should have done that with my wii U.
mario kart, smash bros, rayman legends daily chalanges, even hyrule warriors, and other games i should have got digitally.
Because i can easily spend 30 minutes playing them every day, with no needing for change disks.
Zelda, xenoblade, bayonetta, lego city, batman, zumbi U, should be all physical. Games that i spend days in a single game and i wont play it again for a long time.
ill try doing that on a ps4, and nintendo next next gen.

Have you purchased an external HD? I wouldn't do that on a Nintendo platform without that if you decide to later. Hopefully Nintendo gets with the program early next gen. Besides, its 2015 so technically the Wii U has two more years left in the tank before it starts hyping up the next console a year after that (which would be 2018).