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Aerys said:
Xbox now 24 and and PS4 9.

And that's without The Order and Bloodborne.

I wonder what microsoft can do, official price cut at $300 ? Ms wouldnt allow that i think.

Who remembers this?

Microsoft didn't do them a favor
They just frontloaded sales of 2015 to November/December 2014 and with bringing the price back down to 350$ shortly after the holiday deals ended they damaged their brand.
People are afraid and don't know when to buy cause as it looks like they change the price all the time.Microsoft at the same time has soon no where to go.
350$ "promotion" now...probably 300$ official at E3 or sooner if the PS4 gains to much again on them in the USA.
Where to go for the holidays?150+games?If they wanted to achieve that people wait for a price where it doesn't matter if the console is 2 weeks later available for less then they did that.