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bigtakilla said:
Wright said:

There are some similarities between Final Fantasy XII and Xenoblade Chronicles in its core design. There's nothing wrong about taking inspiration, elements and ideas from previously released games into a new one.

One would have to jump to the conclusion that these loosely based similarities were put into Xenoblade Chronicles because of (or even inspired by) Final Fantasy XII. There is nothing to support that.


Why did you show me two pics of Xenoblade Chronicles X? Obviously a sequel to an already established game is going to move the franchise toward the direction that the first game has, plus advances the director may feel necessary. I would gain nothing by showing you FF XIII pics, considering the massive difference from XII despite both having Final Fantasy on the name.


There's nothing definitive to support the presence of FF XII influence; but then again, the core similarities are there. For that, there's nothing to disprove that they didn't use FF XII as a reference either.