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Wright said:
mjk45 said:
Wright said:

Yes, but they have to bear in mind that Resistance 1 was a launch game (and there wasn't much else to play at that time) and Resistance 2 was awful. All things considered, 1,50 million units is awesome; far more than most developers would call "poor".

Resistance 2 sp was ok ,wouldn't call it awful  but  the MP co-op was great.

I don't play Multiplayer so I can't really judge. Singleplayer, however, it was awful in every front, bastardizing the whole game and its mechanics for a more streamlined, typical 7th gen shooter.


The story wasn't bad, but also the huge cliffhanger at the end felt like a middle finger to the player. They completely redeemed themselves in my eyes with Resistance 3, though.

They should never have got rid of the radial selection , also I agree with the ending , I'm like you and don't do a lot of MP , but the great thing was , it's co-op in an mp setting that had rpg overtones in relation to the different classes and the way you upgraded them.