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Soriku said:
regin2005 said:

But it doesn't seem very "RPG-like" don't you think?  I kinda wished they were to go back to the traditional turn base style of play.

I don't want FF XV to be too traditional. Anyway this just seems like a streamlined version of having a regen spell. Like if you had a regen spell, you would hide behind something or stay away from an enemy while you recovered. Here they're just not requiring a spell.

ishiki said:

 IMO it's always lazy design when you use non-spell based, or item based (like dark souls) regenerating health.

However, Xenoblade and Deus Ex HR both used it last gen like someone, and were some of the most highly rated RPG's so it's not the end all be all. But I didn't like that aspect about either game either.

Several RPGs I've played have regenerating health after battle (besides Xenoblade, Baten Kaitos Origins, TWEWY, Crimson Shroud are a few examples). How is it lazy? It's pretty convenient IMO. Minimizes the time you have to spend in menus.

there's plenty of good games that have it (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) are others. 

It reduces tension in dungeons and item management (Which was FFXIII's problem too). Ofcourse the item management needs to be done well. If you can buy 1000 potions for cheap, it isn't significantly different and items are more tedious. Regenerating health is much better than going into your menu after every battle and applying 10 potions to each character that cost you 0.1% of your total gil.

What regen does is it just let's devs gloss an aspect of the game and puts something in that works decently. But imo it is always worse than non-regenerating health done correctly.