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danasider said:
 Games like Super Mario 3d World or 8 player Smash (yes, 4 player Smash is online) could have definitely done better with an online experience considering they are multiplayer games.

I don't think that making Super Mario 3D World online multiplayer would have made the difference between "Wii U still in a hole" and "Wii U saved," nor would it have made global lifetime sales increase any more than 1m total.  Online multiplayer for a 3D platformer may get some people excited and give it a little more life, but it's not like it's something that makes that much sense.

Even though Wind Waker looks awesome for WiiU, Nintendo got a lot of flack for not delivering a Zelda that looked like the 2012 demo.

Nintendo gets a lot of people saying shit about them regardless of what they do. 

Even though they have been selling well, Amiibos ARE basically collectables, as they don't have a game to really show off their use ala Disney Infinity or Skylanders and the uses they do have are corny.

Amiibos are pretty new, so their uses so far are quite limited, but I think their current uses are not so bad. Also they have already announced some FE amiibos unlocking new characters for Code Name STEAM.

Third party exclusives are alright, but many of the AAA games which a large portion of the gamer community wants to play are not on WiiU. Many of these games are even coming to PS360.

That doesn't really have anything to do with what OP was saying, though. It's a more complex issue that wont have any super simple fixes.

Even though new IPs are in development, they are mostly niche titles (Splattoon, Wonderful 101).

Wouldn't new IPs, by definition, be niche?  Unless you mean the genre, in which case... Splatoon isn't going for a niche genre.  

For all the WiiU apologists, even if you enjoy your console, even if it has many redeeming qualities (including arguably the best game lineup of 2014), many of these complaints shared by the OP, myself or people who don't own a WiiU are not any less valid. It's probably the reason why WiiU will continue to sell so badly until Nintendo finds a way to turn it around with their nextgen console. I'm still rooting for them. I just hope they see the error of their ways like Sony did with PS4 in relation to PS3's faults.

Except a lot of them are not valid since they simply aren't true or are super misleading... or some of them cannot be substantiated.  They can be stated as just opinions, but the whole "Everyone thinks X" or "The main reason X is the case is because of Y" are not true.

The kinds of things OP says has some truth hidden behind them, but are generally not true or don't make sense.

I have sales and public opinion to back up what I say though. I mean we can't deny the reception to the Wii U hasn't been great. The Dreamcast sold more than the Wii U! I know many people besides me who are agitated by it. Even EA got in on the hate with their April Fools joke (last year?). 

It's like with the early PS3 years, except Sony recognized it and started to change. Nintendo seems to be getting even MORE stubborn.

And the Super Mario 3D World point was more of them just being anti-online in 2013. They really need to understand putting online isn't going to rip families apart.

Imagine a Pokemon RPG (or MMORPG) with Amiibos as collectables. Could set the world on fire. Instead we get these corny little toys that actually don't affect gameplay at all. Can anyone tell me the function of an Amiibo? I am being serious too. Every video I have seen of them is pretty much the CPU playing the game or a couple new designs. 

Do you even remember what you were saying?  I'll show you: 
- The gamepad controller. Appeals to no one.  (Appeals to no one, you cannot prove that.  In fact, I can prove that you're wrong)
- Zelda cel shaded. Ugly graphics. (Ugly graphics is completely based off of opinion, and public opinion on the Internet really isn't a reliable source.  You used circumstancial evidence to back up your point, but nothing that definitively proves anything.)
- No console Pokemon. Seriously could sell a billion (I will just assume that you were intentionally exaggerating the number here, but I'm sure you already know that a console pokemon has been made several times already.)
- no 8 player online play? Sad. (This is most definitely not a selling point and is taking away from the fact that Smash has really good online)
- No new IPs. Splatoon is like their only new IP this gen. (First you say "no new IPs," then you mention a new IP.  You also forgot that The Wonderful 101 was a new IP this gen, and that the 3DS had quite a few new IPs as well.)
- Scaring away third parties. (Your reasoning for why this is the case is incorrect.  It's most definitely not as simple as you think it is.)

There are other problems with the things you've said in the OP, but those are the biggest ones that you didn't go back on.

By the way, I am not trying to say that the Wii U is doing fine the way it is, or that everything is good.  I'm pointing out that your argument is weak, full of holes, and has some straight up false information in it.  Many conclusions you come to are faulty, or unproveable.