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No, I'm not buying... I bought it.

I already pre-ordered for I could have both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game, and a useless static PS3 theme that's only a picture of the mansion lobby, that you could already find on the net for free anyway.

It's already downloaded and now I have to wait until 12am to play it, which I think is utterly stupid. Rarely do I pre-order games. The last ones I did were Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and Bloodrayne: Betrayal.

I wouldn't have pre-ordered if not for the PS4 bonus, and I probably wouldn't have bought the game at all if not for it either, but hey. I hated the idea of perhaps one day getting the PS3 version and not having the PS4 version when I could have had both for 20 bucks.

If I waited a year, I'd probably save 10 bucks, but, that 10 bucks would go towards both versions in a sale, so, I wouldn't save anything. And, if it's less than that, I save like what? 2 dollars? 4 dollars? I'd rather have the game now, please.


Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 5...

I never played 4, and 5 was just an "ok" game.  Nor have I played 0.  Nor the remake.  I have code veronica X on PS3, but, I honestly haven't played it...  So, I just threw it in there.