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Kerotan said:
Pretty much confirms ms know they can't compete in the us. Why is the cut only America? Will they not put up a fight elsewhere?

They can move this to UK as well. Every other market is a PS land since long ago, would be risk to try to compete there.
Maybe they can try to get Brazil to be a big market. Nintendo just backed and it's only XB vs. PS here now.
PS is still by far the strongest brand around here, but Sony can't make good use of this and are doing horrible with the ridiculous pricing, and the 360 already took a good amount of customers, if they can do good deals here they can start growing with a new market.
A lot of us are still willing to get a PS4 by other means than the official stores to get a decent price, but a lot would change if MS wants to really step here.
But maybe they don't see a good enough market to try it. They do seems to care about here, but not that much.