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jetforcejiminy said:
Seece said:
OfficerRaichu15 said:

well then :P
guess I am gladly wrong

(they are gonna lose lots of money though with this)

Who actually cares? They make 5 billion dollars per quarter.

well, presumably microsoft's shareholders care. people have been vocal about pressuring nadella to drop or spin off the xbox operation altogether... in fact, there were business articles not too long after he took over speculating that that's precisely what he would do. they've cut off products before (zune), and they would have cut off surface if the surface 3 hadn't been a moderate success. xbox one, financially, is not a success for them by any means.

A few outspoken people that bark loud. MS and Nadella have more than enough positives to show investors why it's worth it. Which is exactly why 12 years on it's still going, that division is losing less and less money as time has gone on.