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The game is severly annoying through most aspects.  There's a lot of pop-in, and I can't for the life of me figure out how the run button works.  Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes he goes for a slow-paced jog, and sometimes, he actually starts running.

I've beaten the game twice, and on my third play-though of it.  I've beaten it once on normal, and again on survivor.  I'm playing survivor+ and having the same issues I had with my first two plays.  The idiotic run button not doing what it's supposed to do.  I'm in the abandoned suburb with the sniper.  I cannot get past this part for the simple fact that the run button works at random.  I'm not using a health pack so close to the end of the scene, I'm going to get full heath again when the next chapter starts.

And, what's up with the guy in the same chapter that you cannot hit?  I'm swinging my bat, he's swinging his, and nothing is happening.  The only way to get rid of him is by wasting ammo on him.  And it's the same issue when you're around large objects too...  Swing... nothing...

Yeah, the games looks ok, and the story is great, but to actually play the game?  Very few games have managed to annoy me as much as this game has.  I've even been bitten by a clicker that was dead, on the ground.

There has got to be something I'm doing wrong, but I doubt that, because I'll get killed, do the exact same thing, and for some odd reason, now Joel's running.