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If Treyarch can make a killer Zombie mode that's completely new from their previous then yes for me.

Honestly that's the only reason why I've enjoyed getting CoD games and mainly loved Treyarch for it. I couldn't really care less about the actual campaign or online as they all seem to be very generic and the same as alot of other FPS. They're fun but nothing exciting about.

i enjoy the campaigns and online, but it's no question that i would rather have zombies than both of them if i had to make a choice.

Same here.  I wished last gen Treyarch could've just released a disc that had just the zombie mode but with every single zombie map they created.  

I'm hoping the new zombie mode will have new features rather than just building up windows.  Possibly add boss fights every 10 rounds (was thinking the zombie mode for cod waw should've had some kind of Hitler zombie boss)

well i wish they would go back to the classic world at war staight up survival rather than put new things in. like i hate the buildables in black ops 2 zombies, that shit made it too easy in my opinion

Yea I didn't find the buildables to be very fun, seemed more like a hassle.  Waw had the best maps.

Most of Black Ops II zombie maps focused on the easter egg and buildables too much I thought. I only cared about killing zombies, I hope they go back towards that. They had some good ideas otherwise. Loved playing turned mode

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