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A_C_E said:
thedawghousev2 said:
A_C_E said:
I think Treyarchs next game will sell more than AW and will outsell AW pretty fast.

i'm thinking 4.5-5 million first week for black ops 3, similar to mw2 numbers. mw2 came out when ps3 had 27 million consoles sold and xbox 360 had 33 million consoles sold, and both versions sold well over 10 million, the xbox 360 version sold 13.30 million. the ps4 will have a higher install base than the xbox 360 by the time black ops 3 comes out and the ps4 sells software better than any system ever, so i think we should see great numbers.

Also the fact that PS4 sales track alot faster than PS3 sales in any given time of the year. That boost will also give software like CoD a slight weekly boost over last generation which had moderate gains yoy. But also, like someone earlier said, Treyarch needs to fix their issues with their games and more people will be coming back. Net code, lag comp and animations are crap in Treyarch games compared to MW series for some reason but the 3 year dev cycle is in effect so hopefully all studios have enough time to fix their issues.

i agree, i thought black ops 2's hit detection was pretty good, but it lagged a lot, so that took away from it. by the way, in my previous comment that you were responding to, i meant 4.5-5 million on the ps4 alone, xbox one should get 3.5 million if not more.