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Ninsect said:
Euphoria14 said:

Can't even play Minecraft due to no PSN. So stupid...


Although even more stupid that they let me pay for and download the Festive pack for $4 but not play it because they won't release the fucking patch. Europe had it last week. I'm still waiting...

My daughter was stoked thinking horses were finally added, but nope, they had the downloadable yet cost included content and no way that actually use it.

Douchey move. Bought it December 23rd...

Minecraft single player? Log out of PSN if you can't access the game

When I click "start game" it just hangs.


I also want my damn pack I paid for 4 days ago. Even PS3 and Vita got the update. Only PS4 owners (In USA, Europeans even got the damn update!) are being forced to wait, even though it was up for purchase on Teusday. I'm kind of annoyed that they would pull an asshole move like that.


Edit - To make matters worse 4J Studios are now officially on holiday leave, so if SCEA decide to be morons and decline the update, as they have down in the past, we USA gamers will get our paid for holiday mashup packs AFTER the holidays.

SCEA is full of morons. This shit happens way too often.

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