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Ruler said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Firstly, I don't get what ur responding to cause I said I would hope that its more than 1080p 60fps and 4k will become very popular so yea?

Secondly, Considering how the ps4 cant even do 1080p 60fps in most games in a time where virtually every gaming PC can do 1440p 60fps, I wouldn't be surprised if the ps5 wont be able to achieve 4k but we will see. If it does, great, if it doesn't please be more than 1080p

PCs archieve higher performance dueto every single triple AAA game being a console port. If the pc would get real tripple AAA exclsuives like crysis was in 2007 you wouldnt archieve 1080p 60 frames at all.

And i really doubt every gaming pc can do 1440p, most people dont even have such a monitor. The ps4 is a fine machine that archievs almost all games in 1080p for 400$ thats less what a 1440p monitor will cost you.

Well... We can achieve the higher performance even with mods included and not to mention, there are a large number of ports that aren't exactly PC optomized but still, PCs can still achieve higher performace and better visuals even due to the lack of console quality optomization

And the point I was trying to get across was that PC has had 1080p 60fps gaming for years now and most gaming PCs now a days are at the point of being able to achieve 60fps at 1440p. We are also at a point of where 4k is on the horizon yet the ps4 still can't even achieve 1080p 60fps. Not to say its not a fine machine but I expected more from it and based on it not being able to do that on so many games is a shame imo. Again, not trying to downplay the ps4, just saying that when the 9th generation comes around, I wouldn't be surprised if the ps5 can't achieve 4k native


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