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Clyde32 said:
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Clyde32 said:
cheshirescat said:
Because xenosaga was a horrible, horrible, horrible series of games that deserve nothing but the sweet embrace of fire, but I would pity the napalm being wasted on erasing such a worthless abomination from this world.

I'm curious, have you played the entire series?

Bought the trilogy all at once as xenogears had always been a favorite, what could go wrong, aside from absolutely everything?  Slogged my way through the first, cutscene after skull-fucking-boring cutscene, tried to convince myself the second couldn't be any worse, and it wasn't, but it didn't give me even the tiniest glimmer of hope for the third so I stopped, because I'm not a masochist. 

The first one was alright, the second one was meh. But the third one was the best one. Possibly what made the series worth it. If I were you though, I would just get a summary of the second game, or watch all the cutscenes. 

fatslob-:O said:

The first game did well however the series couldn't keep a consistent quality but the third game isn't as good as you think it is since it wasn't able to recover the damage that the second game had done ... 

Nonetheless, I'll get to it once I'm finished with Dragon Age: Inquisition and .hack to fully critique it ...

Same goes for you on the second game. It happens a lot of times, when one entry in the series is bad, it makes people lose faith.

Unfortunately I wouldn't say it had two good games, it really only had one (the 3rd). Well at least in my opinion. The first one sold so well because of Xenogears, but couldn't deliver which is why fewer picked up the second and hardly anyone the third.

It's like with the XIII series. People bought XIII because it is Final Fantasy, then when they found out it sucked they didn't return for the sequel and those who had realized Square-Enix did not live up to the promise of hearing the fans complaints and resolving them, so even fewer bought the third.