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So, Gamespot GOTY is happening already, with one new winner being picked everyday.

From what i can tell, they are voted by the users, except the GOTY. The nominees for GOTY are the 12 games that won Game of the Month (not sure if remakes/remasters count) and any game nominated for any category can be voted as People Choice's award.

Winners so far:
- Best Reissue: GTA V
- Best Mobile (3DS/VITA were not eligible): HearthStone
- Best 3DS: Bravery Default
- Best Wii U: Mario Kart 8
- Best Vita: Velocity 2X
- Best PS3: TLoU DLC: Left Behind
- Best PS4: Shadows of Mordor
- Best X360: Dark Souls 2
- Best XONE: Shadows of Mordor
- Best PC: Divinity:OS


Next awards:
- Dec 22th --- PEOPLE'S CHOICE VOTING - pool at the moment: