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naruball said:
Skullwaker said:
I'm second hand embarrassed by some of the posts in this thread. Nintendo should go third party? Nintendo should just drop support for the Wii U and rush out a new console?

...And why is that? What would they have to gain? A loss of consumer respect and profit is all. They need to recoup their losses, do what they can to make this gen as profitable as possible and keep releasing quality title after quality title. That's it.

How  would you feel if someone said the same thing about your post? Obviously everyone thinks they're right because they're using facts. But other people can use different facts to make a completely different point.

Example: What did MS gain from completely abandoning xbox after it underperormed and then rushing to release xb360? 

1. They turned things around. Won US, Uk and so many other countries. 'No one' saw them beating Sony like they did (for almost an entire generation).

2. They made huge profits with live-gold. 

Did it hurt their brand? Would it have been more profitable or a good decision overall to keep supporting xbox?

Look, I'm not saying that Ninty should drop the WiiU, but attacking others for their opinions doesn't seem the best way to have a discussion. 

Did I attack anyone? No. I simply said that I'm embarrased for the way people are responding to this. People can say the same for my posts, I don't mind.

Also, the difference is that the 360 was released 4 years after its predecessor. People are wanting Nintendo to abandon the Wii U now. Just 2 years after its release. And Microsoft was bleeding money from their Xbox division. It was a huge loss to them. They had nowhere to go but up. It's a different story for Nintendo, because they're making a profit now and they have their healthy portable division, not to mention their software sales. Releasing a successor now or anytime in the near future would ruin the way consumers percieve them. It's apples and oranges.

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