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SweetTalia said:

Now hear me out.

Sony knew this holiday MS was going to be very aggressive  in the USA. MS gave great bundle to consumers @ at sweet price of 349 and even 329 during black friday.

Yes, Sony did have the black friday bundles..but it seems they went into november thinking the PS4 HYPE will get them the victory regardless of the prices this holiday season.. Sony refuse to drop the price to be competitive.

I'm pretty sure selling PS4 for launch price and hitting over 800k units is competitive.

Sony are being very smart about the situation. They could easily have sold the PS4 for $329 and outsold the XB1 with room to spare. But what does that mean from a business point of view? 

64 million less in profit for the month. And lets say they did it and they sold 1.5M. That's another 700k sold at a loss. So you would be looking at a 100M loss in profits. And if they went the full hog and gave away the games on top of it at $329 plus store promo cards they'd lose even more. 

And according to NPD leaks, a lot of the PS4's sold were the standalone PS4 with no game bundled. Many more would have been the Destiny bundle price at $450. That is pure profit right there. All those people will buy another 1-3 games on average at retail price. Sony are playing it smart. 

Now if Apple or Samsung owned Playstation they would probably go full out like MS and destroy them in sales because they wouldn't mind the loses. Sony are winning WW easily so they won't devalue their product over 1 territory. And it's really just 1 because in the UK it's effectively a draw.