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I actually see it as the opposite. Thank god Sony isn't arrogant enough to actually go and cut the price of the PS4.

It literally would have been the most retarded thing they could have done. Especially for a company who has not turned a profit in how long?

Seriously if i was an investor in Sony shares, and looking at the bigger picture and the overall success of the PS4...to hear that Sony is cutting the price because MS is cutting the price of XB1 (which is a console in a completely different situation), I would lose all hope in the leadership of Sony.

This doesnt mean that Sony shouldnt try and compete...they absolutely need to compete and being market leader is directly results in more profit in the long term imo. But it also doesnt mean they need to be stupid about it. We've all see what effect console price cuts have on sony's bottom line and its not insignificant.

MS and XB are a completely different company and are in a completely different situation.

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