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Did Sony do enough to win November NPD sales dick size check? Clearly not as MS XBO sold more...

What could/should have Sony done? I dunno

MS had Sunset Overdrive which got good reviews, but bombed anyway. They also had Halo MCC, and they also had lower price which can/does get perceived as better value. Plus Xbox is more top of mind game console reference than Playstation in the US, so anybody buying a gift generally just goes with the Xbox name.

Sony on other hand had botched Drive Club release. LBP really isn't a system seller, and I don't know what else... just 3rd party games that are more and more parity between PS4 and XBO in terms of performance stuff (I think). Ultimately, I think the price difference would have caused value perception difference, but more than that, I think MS just had Halo + Xbox name working for it.

People forget that Nintendo also has been on a roll in terms of well reviewed games. The Wii U is a sucks hardware compared to PS4/XBO and the Gamepad is a gimmick controller with more pain than gain in the design, but Nintendo still makes some of the best reviewed games and has most exclusives, so that also dips into the market.