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TheBlackNaruto said:
It feels like an option is missing from the pole.....why made it seem like the PS4 went into the Holiday thinking they would win on hype alone? How did you even come to that conclusion? So because MS who was getting beat pretty bad decided to pull out ALL the stops and cut the price for the second time this year AND give away 2-4 free games Sony was arrogant because they went in with normal holiday bundles and didn't match what was seemingly a fire sale from MS? O_o???? That makes like zero sense. And that was not a shot at MS nor was the sale a bad thing that was just what it seemed to be IMO

Sony has been doing AMAZING all year long and still had a very good Nov. So why would they feel the need to go into Nov and match MS? Just to worry about winning NPD for Nov and maybe Dec? From a business and financial Sony did the right thing. They still sold a crap ton of consoles and are still winning every week WW so no issues from what I can see. Interesting thread though! Didn't vote in the poll because there was no option that fit my thoughts I guess....

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