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This Forum Has Too Much Water - 7.8 Out Of Ten. 

No but in all seriousness , ripping on the shittiest journalism site of the most profoundedly incompetent journalism industry (IGN/Gaming Journalism) is arguably not even trolling. This is due to the fact that it is so plantantly obvious that they're extremely incompetent and the laughingstock of gaming journalism. 

Say what you want, but quoting or hinting at something stupid once said is arguably not even trolling. 

eg. “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”- George W. Bush 

Quoting the absurd stupidity from George W. Bush isn't trolling, it's just stating that he is a complete and utter fucking dumbshit c*** who couldn't pass a grade two spelling contest to save his life.

In response to the oddly out of play Bush jab I'll leave this here: http://keithhennessey.com/2013/04/24/smarter/ 
(Hint: Bush isn't as dumb as you think, likely just has different views than you. Obama isn't a crazy communist devil either for that matter)


On topic I say Kudos to IGN and this reviewer, she did her job - which is not to accurately review anything, it is to generate traffic to their site which she has achieved likely in spades.

Firstly the 'Bush Jab' was an example to show that Nintendo weren't trolling, but rather stating the obvious. (Also I might have been a bit harsh on Bush, but  when you take into account that he once led the worlds only superpower, you have to admit he was 'below average' at best).

Secondly I don't live in the states ( I live in Australia and I'm getting around to putting that on my profile) so the assumption that I am pro Obama is irrelevent (but not your fault for assuming so). 

While she did technically do her job, she didn't do it to the standared the gaming community expects. Furthermore, there aren't even that many water pokemon types (just about a third more then the runner up), which also makes complete sense given the circumstances of the game. (and doesn't effect battles to such a large degree to make the game unjoyable), So in the majorities opinion she gave a miscalculated and innacurate final score. 

P.S. I checked your link, but the page was missing :/ 

Point taken, we're also assuiming they were even referring to that review (that SSB. Facebook account has fairly funny anecdotes all the time though so I wouldn't put it past them but they could have not even had it in mind)

As for the 'standard of the gaming community' that's a bit of a joke, we rely on websites whose sole purpose is to do anything but inform for our information (it's the same reason why we shouldn't get your news from 'news channels' whose true intention is to entertain and pull viewers). - Edit: They could have intentionally told her (or she decided on her own accord) to put it at a low score for a weird reason just to draw hits to the site for all we know.

Also, I didn't think you were Pro Obama (or else I would have said somethign like - 'Obama's not a saint either') I assumed you were outside of the US from your previous posting history. I appreciate that you can see that was not important however. I would suggest going to the link (copy and paste it and it will work, this site does weird things with links, I didn't even make it one just copied the URL). Opened my mind up about him and how the media portrayed him a little (I still don't agree with the majority of what he did as president however).

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