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To go offcourse a little, is there even a thing as tropes in gaming.
It's easy to search minute moments in gaming for examples of women as sexual objects.
But in fairness, the whole game doesnt sell around the idea of fantasising women.

God of war 3 has a sex scene. No one buys GOW3 to have sex with that character, they buy it for the gore kratos provides.
GTA has strip clubs, and prostitutes. GTA is a recreation of modern day America and its cultures. I live in UK, but I am well aware of there being strip clubs in America, and there definitely is prostitutionism.
If we get rid of these scenarios, then what's to stop the drunk folks complaining, the gay community complaining.

We have strong female lead characters in games where it makes sense to the STORY. Faith, Lara, Ellie. I'd argue these characters couldnt be swapped with males and ultimately have the same story.
Likewise, slap boobs on main characters in an attempt to make gaming inclusive to females (as if it isnt already) is anti-climactic, if anything it's more offensive to women who I feel would rather be represented (if they do feel represented by game characters) by strong, dedicated written characters who were designed for the world around them.

The last of us wouldnt feel the same with a character like Lara Croft, likewise Joel wouldnt fit in the fast paced action world of tomb raider.
Gaming is fine how it is. This is an attempt to sell an idea that gamers are mysoginistic by picking out a few scenes in popular games and pointing the apparent anti-feminine status.

If females want to completely stop the use of females as sexual objects, prostitutes, strippers and low-cut dressed women, then sort the problem in real life, because gaming is a mix of fantasy and real life worlds to create a relatable experience.

Or make your own game. Just don't infect ours.