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axumblade said:
ijustlikegames said:
Euphoria14 said:
inFamous: Second Son
Smash Bros. WiiU
Forza Horizon 2

I get banned for legitimately disliking Xbox and this guy is clearly trolling and its fine? Thanks Smeags-_-

His post was obviously meant to be comical. Otherwise he wouldn't have listed some of the highest rated exclusives. Your comment was pretty straightforward that you were disappointed with all things involving the xbox, which was outright trolling annnnd you aren't supposed to create an account and post when you are banned as well. 

In a thread about saying things we don't like that has been approved by a moderator it is "comical" to list 3 of the best exclusives but trolling to list valid reasons why a certain brand has disappointed you this year? The post never said "Xbox sucks" or "I hate Xbox" (in fact it specifically mentions enjoying the OG and 360) I fail to see how that is trolling, there is nothing in there antagonistic, simply states reasons why MS has disappointed me with the Xbox brand this year and that I won't be buying a new Xbox. Giving reasons why you dislike a console(and not stupid ones like "the games suck") shouldn't be considered trolling. I suppose I should have mentioned my reasons in the first post other than just nominating the Xbox One (or more accurately the company behind the console as most of my complaints are with them)  but several others were listing things they thought were crap without giving reasons. Would it have been more acceptable if I listed all 3 consoles? Would that have made it "comical"?