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This days anywhere you go you find console wars, specially between Xbots and Sony ponies. And one thing i have read many times from xbots is that when an Xbox exclusive is announced for PC it doesn't matter because "the PC is from Microsoft". 

Well i'm sorry for you guys but PC doesn't belong to MS, only one of the many operating systems available for it. And MS only makes proffit with a game coming to PC when the ip belongs to them.

MS hasn't earned a single dollar from PC versions of games like Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and other third party games that were once X1 exclusives, becuause MS doesn't own those ip and those games have been launched on Steam so all profits go to Valve and the studio that actually made the game.

I know i may look like captain obvious for many of you that actually have a brain but there's a lot of people that keeps saying that and maybe we can help them out a little with threads like this :/ 

PD: Sorry for my english.