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aLkaLiNE said:
DonFerrari said:
aLkaLiNE said:

Ah. You can't imagine how frustrating this kind of topic is to people who don't understand satire.

Still, glad that PS4 is undertracked for the time being (makes me feel better when Sony beats our predictions)

Well blame my poor english :)

vgc could be undertracking ps4 for the cases I said but overtracking in other situations (altough i don't think is the case) ps4 is still on course to surprise us with 20M by year end.

Poor english is better than poor grammar, the latter of which you aren't a victim of.


Looking at the situation currently, PS4 would almost have to sell 1 Mil a week in December to reach 20M by 01.01.15

How do you expect that to happen? Is there historical launch data that suggests this is possible? I play for the blue team and I badly want to see Playstations continued success but 20M looks ambitious today.

History shows that generally Jan-August/September = September/October-December... Going by the PS4 announcement on August and sales on August+September and estimating end year on that basis gave 21M PS4 (which seems excessive because of possible lack of stock and possibly demand) but 20M is feasible altough 19M is the "guaranteed" number...

Several times the top selling console gets 1M-1.5M(altough this extreme just Wii got once) on Black friday and can get another 3-4M in December. So keep your hopes up.