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Trunkin said:
Captain_Tom said:

-As far as I can tell, yes that takes all things Xbox into account.

-This is the best I can find for PS profit:


It looks bad at first, but if you add up the numbers in just this timespan it is clear that Sony has still profited far more than they lost (Like 50% more).  Also keep in mind that his chart does not include 2011 or 2012 which were the most profitable years for the PS3 with PS+ and so they likely wiped out most of those PS3 losses.  Then throw in the crazy financial success of the PS4 for another year and you can see that they probably have doubled their total investments.  Far better than Xbox.

lol, that does look a lot better than XBOX, but there's still some hope. Xbox has been profitable for the past few years, and, with the exception of this year, they should be profitable for the forseeable future. If they can keep it up for the next decade, they might get into the black overall. If they sell Xbox now they might never recoup their losses. How much is the brand worth, anyway?

That right there is the answer everyone at MS is looking for: "Can Xbox become a consistantly profitable brand?"  So far the X1 was never selling at a profit, and with the new $50 price cut it is turning into another gereration of losses.  Yes, this gen will probably be an overall profitable generation for them.  But is that really enough?

Why spend all this money to take a decade or so making back the money you lost the first decade when your current money could be invested in better (More profitable) projects?  That is what investors are asking. 

The money MS wasted on the Xbox and 360 is gone, forever.  It is in the past.  You then have two choices:

1) Pour more money into the same losing division in hopes that you can some day say "We technically made money."

2) Invest the money into divisions like Windows, Servers, and IT that are making profits now and will probably bring greater returns on every dollar put in than Xbox would.