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Captain_Tom said:
Mr Puggsly said:

My last post wasn't opinions, those were facts.

I don't care if MS achieves sales at par or better with PS4. They made some bad moves and are paying for it. I'm just glad X1 is relelvant platform, I like competition.

Yay indeed. Maybe we'll see strong sales for X1 throughout the holiday.

I always find it funny that people think that if one company quits then all competition is dead forever.  Look what happened when SEGA left:  MS came and kept Sony on their toes.  However they also implemented a dozen policies that stifle competition as well, and they have never fully commited to gaming.

Whose to say Samsung/Amazon/Apple couldn't enter the race and really shake things up like Sony did?

I don't believe those companies are interested in being a direct competitor with Playstation. That would be an investment of billions they may never recoup.

Samsung, Amazon, and Apple haven't even made a noteworthy TV media device. That tells me they don't care to be in that market.

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