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Mr Puggsly said:
Captain_Tom said:
Mr Puggsly said:

$500 was the launch price. That's the price people with disposable income and avid gamers are willing to pay.

A lot of people are buying the X1 at its current price of $350, we just a saw a great week for X1. Again, consoles get most of their sales after price cuts.

That may be your opinion, but at least in my opinion losing to the competition even when you drop the price and launch a big exclusive is pretty underwhelming.  Hell they gave that exclusive away too.

Yes it sold more than the week before.  Yay.

My last post wasn't opinions, those were facts.

I don't care if MS achieves sales at par or better with PS4. They made some bad moves and are paying for it. I'm just glad X1 is relelvant platform, I like competition.

Yay indeed. Maybe we'll see strong sales for X1 throughout the holiday.

I always find it funny that people think that if one company quits then all competition is dead forever.  Look what happened when SEGA left:  MS came and kept Sony on their toes.  However they also implemented a dozen policies that stifle competition as well, and they have never fully commited to gaming.

Whose to say Samsung/Amazon/Apple couldn't enter the race and really shake things up like Sony did?