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dangerguy said:

Wow, huge Xbox One NA numbers. That's insane! Should be a good generation for both consoles.

With PS4's hold in Japan I don't think Xbox One will ever surpass it, but who cares? It's good for consumers to have more than 1 successful console. In 8 years if PS4 has sold 100 million consoles and Xbox One has sold 90 million, who cares? Congrats to PS4 for "winning" the generation, whatever that title gives you.

The gap is already over 6 million, you think the gap will only grow another 4 million over 7 years? Of this I am certain, there is no way both Xb one and PS4 are coming close to PS3 and 360 numbers this generation.

There was zero growth between gen 6 and gen 7 across the PS and Xb platforms (PS2box = 181M, PS360=167M). All that happened was a reshuffling of market share towards 360, and the missing 14 million are those who went with Wii instead. I also think the casuals of the last 2 generations have gone to the real casual platforms of phone and tablet, and facebook games. So PS4 and Xb one I reckon are fighting over a market of about 150-160M. My guess is best result for Xb one is 2:1 split of market share in favour of PS4 with 100M:50M.

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