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Ubisoft is now a bigger company than EA. They became big with a lot of famous (yet controvercial games). Unlike EA Ubisoft actually makes new IPs and invests in them. But since a few years they seem to have a lot of doings and it seems its out of their reach.

Almost all of their recent games have been downgraded and poor decisions angered fans over all platforms (rayman). Currently they are supporting a lot of platforms and it seems its out of their reach. Example, AC Rogue (last gen "only" game) that will be coming to PC in 2015 and I wont be shocked if it comes of PS4 / Xbox One.

I dont mind with the varietly of platforms their games can be played. But I do care of thir quality. I think this is the beginning of the supply of poor quality games on a regular basis from Ubisoft.