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Sure Sony still have some problems. If you read the financial report you can see that a writedown of goodwill by 1.6 billion for mobile devices is inclouded in the 1,2 billion loss ini q2 2014. The interesting part is if Sony can turn its mobile devices division abound. The result for q2 was better than expected since the writedown of goodwill was announced before the q2 2014 result.

Interesting that this article is using vgc chartz :) , made the article less serious.


Sony's shrinking slice of the smartphone market is in stark contrast to its dominance in game consoles, where its PlayStation 4 has trounced the Xbox One made by closest rival Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and has broken even within only a year of its release, a feat its predecessor achieved in four years.

Sony increased its annual operating profit forecast for the gaming unit by 40 percent to 35 billion yen after selling 3.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles in its second quarter. By Oct. 18 it had sold 12.3 million consoles, against 6.1 million Xbox One sales, according to market research website VG Chartz.