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CoD:AW is about to have 6 different SKU's in the top 20 on Amazon. The Day Zero Editions for the 4 consoles, the CoD: AW Xbox One bundle, and the Xbox One limited edition version is up to #21 and will soon be in the top 20. I don't see how CoD: AW could possibly sell less than Ghosts when it's doing this well. I've got to go against the analysts on this one, initial preorders might be lower than Ghosts, but that's only because Ghosts sucked and people are more apprehensive now because it sucked, but I think the recent gameplay videos and leaked info from the game has convinced alot of people to get Advanced Warfare, preorders seem to have really shot up this week, just look at how 3/4 Day Zero editions sold out on Amazon yesterday. If it scores 80+ on meta I think it'll sell as much as Ghosts lifetime.