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Jexy said:
The reviews for Sunset Overdrive have finally sold me. I will be getting that bundle when the price drops Nov 2nd... Pretty good lineup now. Sunset Overdrive, Halo collection, and I'll get Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadows of Mordor, and the Need for Speed ultimate edition or whatever they call it with all the DLC. Just need a new Mass Effect and a new Gears of War (4, not that crap they released after 3).

Forza Horizon 2 is a better choice for racing game. For me it is the second best racing game I ever played (after Burnout Revenge).

I would agree if they had the cars I wanted.  If a racing game is going to have 500 or whatever cars in it, all I ask is that it have the same cars that a much smaller game like NFS would have.  I don't want to race 50 kinds of Hondas and Fords that are slower than my car in real life.  Give me the exotics that I would crap myself if I ever saw :p  That's the reason I am going for NFS.  Better lineup of exotics for my tastes.  But I still may get Horizon 2 eventually.