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IllegalPaladin said:
I need to hop onto Nibiru with MrFarr and just go exploring. On waterworld, I need to finish the last pieces of my large bridge, maybe find a new destination that would be suitable to start taking the bridge to. Though in all honesty, it's probably more of a waste of resources with how wide it is, but it's still fun to see it come together.

I sold my GTX 770 and I've fallen back on an older GPU while I wait for my GTX 970 to get here. For some reason, even though I selected 3 day shipping, it defaulted back to eggsaver while I was checking out and I didn't catch it. I'm thinking it would have been delivered today if that didn't happen.

thats sweet looking card based on reviews, holding onto my 7970 lightning (OC and watercooled) for a bit longer but those new ones were hard to turn down. i keep telling myself no new card till i buy a 4k monitor but it gets hard :P

come play minecraft @  mcg.hansrotech.com

minecraft name: hansrotec

XBL name: Goddog