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I think I'm finished with Minecraft for a while. I was playing it with my 5 year old on ps4 but the bugs are getting to me. Last thing we did was defeat the ender dragon, pretty anti climatic after all the cluster fucks to get there.

First of all grats to the game for making me brush up on algebra to find the end portal. Taking 2 measurements 1000 meters apart with the eye of ender to get two vectors, calculate the intersection, and I was practically on top of it although it was over 3 maps away.

Then the trouble started. The fortess containing the end portal was a mess of floating walls, doorways and missing floors. Apparently a chasm and an abandoned mineshaft had both gotten mixed up with the dungeon fortress leaving an ugly mess. Luckily the end portal has survived and wasn't too difficult to build a bridge to it.

Ofcourse not knowing what to expect my 5 year old walked of the platform as soon as we arrived in the end, since it apparently appears floating somewhere away from the island. Gone diamond armor, sword, enchanted bow etc. Luckily I still had a stack of stone on me, so I stuck my stuff in a chest on the platform, at the edge so my 5 year old wouldn't spawn inside it. While building a bridge he comes back, the game breaks my chest spewing most of my items over the edge.

We jumped out. 2 days later after mining for more diamonds and getting new equipment I was first doing semi suicide runs to get rid of the healing crystals. The dragon decides to chase me and starts flying through the ground, taking out my bridge and storage place... After repairing it all again, we zoned in, killed the dragon in 2 minutes by pumping arrows in it and that was it...

It was fun messing around with redstone, building an automated switching yard for my 5 mine cart lines going to the edges of the map. (Only completed two, map is huge on ps4) and some other fun things. Too bad clock circuits stall or burn out when you go too far away, breaking my flashing signals at midway junctions.

Our house

Minecart terminal

Some of the mess to make it work. The whole circuitry is larger in volume than the house. The main line loops around under the house where it splits into 3 more lines. Do not want a creeper in there. (or a 5 year old with a bucket of water)