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Avro1958 said:
First off it would be suicide for Nintendo to release a new console before 2018....

If they release it to soon they will:

- Alienate the WiiU supporters they have now
- When the next round of consoles from Sony and MS come out Nintendo will be in the same boat they are now with the WiiU.
- Consoles NEED to be released within months of each other not years.

These risks are what will prevent Nintendo from releasing to soon. Besides the WiiU is doing fine enough, the only people that seem to be having an issue with it are people that are to hung up on how a game looks rather then the fun behind it. If you are buying a WiiU for 3rd party games then I am sorry, that's your fault for not looking into things further. Nintendo has always been about first party games first. I buy Nintendo for the 1st party games... I have a PC/PS4 for multiplats and other exclusives.

Nintendo is in no rush to push out a new console anyway, they made enough money on the WiiU to "sit a gen out" as some people seem to think.

Nintendo hasn't made money on the Wii U at all. They're currently loosing money at a quite rapid pace.